Deploying Rails to Heroku

While deploying an initial version of Crapper Keeper, I ran into a problem with Heroku.  Deploying to Heroku is super easy, since you just have to deploy a Github branch and the site is live a few moments later.  My app, which was running well locally, suddenly was having database problems.

Crapper Keeper is a Ruby on Rails app.  Rails comes with SQLite out of the box, but Heroku doesn’t support SQLite.  So after a lot of searching, I was able to find a way to change the database from SQLite to PostgreSQL.  One guide I found handy was on Stack Overflow and here.

One tip, that I forgot, was that you have to make the database but then also remember to migrate the database, using rake db:migrate

Crapper Keeper

Crapper Keeper is a consumer inventory system built with Ruby on Rails backend, Bootstrap frontend and and iOS app. Uses OmniAuth with Facebook login, Postgres database, deployed on Heroku.  Users login using Facebook, enter the location where they are keeping items to be tracked and can upload or take a picture of the item. Users can search for the item name or can browse through containers.

This is a work in progress, check out the site to see what step I’m on!  Code can be viewed on Github.