An Elixir API using a NoSQL graph database, Neo4j.


Ruby on Rails app group project. I made the PDF generation, mailers, models, and took care of all deploys and managed Github repo.


Crapper Keeper App
A Ruby on Rails inventory app with Neo4j database deployed on Heroku.


Colleen Lauless
A WordPress site for a Public Relations professional


Movie Trailer Site
A movie trailer site


Grocery Shopper Price Chopper
A PHP group project to compare grocery prices at different stores. Users can add new items and prices to populate the database


Texas Freelance Association
I’m the primary web developer for Texas Freelance Association. I maintain the site and add features as requested.


LRE Learning Solutions
A WordPress site made for online education modules


Ravelry API How-To
A guide for using the Ravelry.com API


Yarn Inventory
Yarn inventory system. This project included implementing my own user accounts system including secure hash/salt passwords and user sessions. MySQL calls to database.