Quick Fix to Bolt Sips

Bolt sips, a Neo4j driver for Elixir, works really well except I couldn’t get the stupid localhost port to get established. RAGE. via GIPHY So instead of the steps outlined in the README, I did the following (thanks Luke! ūüėė ) iex(1)> {:ok, pid} = Bolt.Sips.start_link(Application.get_env(:bolt_sips, Bolt)) iex(2)> conn = Bolt.Sips.conn And it worked like […]


In modern web and mobile development there’s a concept of Model-View-Controller (MVC) which is simply a design pattern in which every instance belongs to one of three layers -> Model Layer, View Layer, or Controller Layer. ¬†Layer is just a fancy term for objects that fulfill a role. Model Layer holds data has no info […]

Drop/Create/Migrate Postgres Database On Heroku

I’m ALWAYS forgetting how to reset the postgres database on Heroku, because the typical rake db:drop/create/migrate won’t work on the Heroku command line. This is 99% for my own future reference, but to reset the database on Heroku: ¬†heroku pg:reset ¬†it will ask you to type in your heroku url, follow the directions and do […]

Open Government

This was an assignment for class, Open Source Software. ¬† I‚Äôll be summarizing ‚ÄúHow the Internet will (one day) transform government‚ÄĚ by Clay Shirky https://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_the_internet_will_one_day_transform_government The main point that Shirky was making is that communication has fundamentally changed and our government should reflect that. ¬†Open government, as it works today, is only open one way, […]