About Me



I started making fan websites for me and my friends back in the GeoCities days, which lead to starting my first business making custom Sailor Moon websites using HTML and CSS.  I then went to college and earned a B.S. in Medical Technology from Michigan State University.  After a few years of working in the laboratory I realized I wasn’t happy.  Thinking about what made me happy, I decided to get back into programming.  I enrolled in the Post-Bacc B.S. in Computer Science at Oregon State and graduated in March 2017.

I’m also involved in the community, as a speaker for AustinRB and Women Who Code – ATX.  I am an organizer for Women Who Code – ATX and host the iOS hack night where we get together to fix problems, talk about iOS, and talk about everything else.  I’ve also spoken at ElixirConf 2017 about usinig Neo4j in an Elixir project.

I am hoping to join a software development team. I love working in Ruby, Rails, iOS, Elixir, Phoenix, PHP, and HTML/CSS.

You can catch me on Twitter or contact me.