Get a Link to a Jira Issue Collector

One of my recent tickets was getting a link to our Jira Issue Collector into our Ruby on Rails app. The original plan was to make our own form and have the submit button send either and email to the project’s Jira board or send a JSON file to the REST API for Jira.

Two issues came up with this task: first, I didn’t have the permissions to configure an email receiver and it was not going to be configurable by me or anyone else on the project any time soon. Secondly, the JSON file approach didn’t end up working because of my company’s particular Jira Server configuration. A new approach was required.

I was able to get Project level administration privileges (as opposed to Board level admin privileges, which is not sufficient to proceed), which allowed me to make an Issue Collector. You can see how to make an Issue Collector in that link. Atlassian doesn’t make it automatic to get the form directly, instead having the issue collector run as a button that gets inserted into your page, but we can get around this fairly easily, but slightly more tediously than is strictly necessary. To do this, the important bit we need is the script that it spits out at the end.

Screenshot of Embedding this issue collector script tag

Where it says <script type and that entire text block, you will see, at the end, something like this: ...&collectorId= followed by a string of characters. For this example, let’s say you see this:


The collector id in this example would be b123a4b

You would then plug that collector id into the following url:


In our case it would be https://YOUR.JIRA.URL/rest/collectors/1.0/template/form/b123a4b?os_authType=none#

You can plug that into a browser and with any luck see just your form!


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